New Band & Channel Selective Digital Repeater TETRA

CSR-DMT 380 / CSR-DMT 410

UHF radio networks are deployed and used in a wide range of different markets like Public Safety, Transportation, Utilities, Government, Military, Oil & Gas industries. Even the best network designs and rollouts will leave areas that have gaps in coverage or there is insufficient or no coverage specifically inside buildings and tunnels. The end result is poor or no coverage that compromises operational effectiveness and potentially safety of life.

The CSR-DMT digital channel selective repeater overcomes the lack of coverage by amplifying the UHF signal that is available outside and repeating it inside. Connected to the repeater is a donor antenna that is pointed towards the nearest base station, the repeated signal can then be distributed inside by single or multiple antennas like a Distributed Antenna System (DAS).

The CSR-DMT is a full band bi-directional digitally controlled amplifier with built-in DSP-filtering that offers communication improvement in Public Safety and government systems. Our repeater is highly flexible and configurable on site.


  • Full band (5MHz)
  • Four band-segments in Downlink / Uplink directions.
  • Bi-directional.
  • Uplink and Downlink gain is separately adjustable.
  • Automatic gain control.
  • Selectivity mode #1: 25 kHz - 1 MHz with step 25 kHz (adjustable through software)
  • Selectivity mode #2: 1.1 - 5 MHz with step 100 kHz (adjustable through software)




New launch Models (Click and download datasheets)

CSR-DMT 380 
– Uplink 380-385 MHz Downlink 390-395 MHz

CSR-DMT 410 
– Uplink 410-415 MHz Downlink 420-425 MHz


Release Notes - Digital Repeater TETRA
Release Notes - Digital Repeater TETRA
Veröffentlicht vonProcom A/S
4th Januar 2018