4 way coaxial cable splitter 117 - 137 MHz


  • The CPS series of power splitters are manufactured using high quality coaxial cable and connectors.
  • The CPS power splitters use quarter wave coaxial cable transformer sections to match two or more loads to one source.
  • The junction points on the CPS power splitters are completely encapsulated with polyurethane resin within an aluminium tube totally preventing dust and moisture ingress.
  • Former Skymasts brand product.


Elektrisch DE
Modell CPS4-127
Frequenz 117 - 137 MHz
Max. Eingangsleistung 500 W
Impedanz 50 Ω
VSWR < 1.3:1
Mechanisch DE
Anschlusstyp N(f) an 1m RG213 / U Kabel
Output-Anschlüsse N(m) auf 500 mm RG213
Körpermaterial Aluminium tube 38.1 mm
Isolator Polyurethanharz-Verkapselung
Anzahl der ausgänge 4
IP Schutzklasse IP68


Modell Produkt Nr. Frequenz
4 way coaxial cable splitter 117 - 137 MHz CPS4-127 117 - 137 MHz Verfügbarkeit