AMP 50-1.6G

Miniature Ultra-High Dynamic Range Low-noise Amplifier


  • Miniature ultra-high dynamic range low-noise amplifier.
  • Ultra-high P1dB-compression point.
  • Ultra-high 3rd order intercept point.
  • To be used where extra amplification is needed:
    • Receivers with long antenna cabling
    • Measuring instruments
    • Multicoupler systems
    • Scanners.
  • Low noise figure.
  • 12 V operational voltage (24 V as option).
  • Provided with FME-male connector on input and output.
  • Can be DC powered in two ways witout any switching:
    • Via the red/black DC cable
    • From phantom voltage on the RF output port.


Eléctrico ES
Modelo AMP 50-1.6G
Frecuencia 50 - 1600 MHz
Amperio. Ganancia 12 dB - 2 dB
P1dB > 23 dBm
Potencia Máxima De Entrada (dBm) 50 mW / +17 dBm
Fuente De Alimentación 11-14 V @ 12 V; 250 mA (24 V as option)
Entrada VSWR < 1.5:1
Aislamiento Entrada-Salida > 17 dB
Salida VSWR Max. 2.5:1
Mecánico ES
Conexión(s) FME male, 2 pcs. + flexible wire
Dimensiones 50 x 36 x +50 mm (incl. connectors)
Peso 0.095 kg / 0.21 lb
Rango De Temperatura De Funcionamiento -30°C to +50°C

Diagram and Mounting


Designaciones de pedido

Modelo Producto No.
AMP 50-1.6G 200001113

Additional Data


Hereby PROCOM A/S declare that the product type AMP 50-1.6G is in compliance with EU Directive 2014/53/EU.
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