Advantages of working with LTE450

LTE450 operates on a band spectrum and offers a huge potential for both upgrading and creating long range communication infrastructure for the entire RF ecosystem because of its excellent capacity and connectivity abilities.

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Are You Ready To Support LTE450 Deployment?

The main benefit is that LTE450 works in an extended range and have a high-performance long lifetime. It is therefore very useful because of the 450 MHz band’s ability to cover a large geographical area with only a few base stations.
This is ideal in comparison to other LTE bands and 5G networks, which performs with higher data rates and frequencies, but that also means a lot more base station antennas to achieve the same reliably coverage on similar territory.
Amphenol Procom is industry leaders with over 70 years in the design and manufacturer of antennas, filters, and combiners for many of those focused on systems in the 450 MHz range. We are also members of the LTE450 alliance - a community where we can share and learn for the good of the LTE450 ecosystem.

The world map of 380 MHz, 410 MHz, and 450 MHz deployment

LTE450 Map

Spectrum in the 400 MHz bands is today already allocated or in consultation in countries representing more than 6.6 billion people or 85 percent of the world population. 
Networks are being or are already deployed or in trial in countries representing more than 4.1 billion people or 52 percent of the world population.

Annual Global Update
Public version
450 MHz Alliance, September 2021


LTE450 Portfolio

 LTE450 antennas       

LTE450 Filters


Amphenol Procom has an extensive selection of Antennas and Filters suitable for LTE450 networks.

Private Networks come with their own complexity where a mixture of PanelOmnidirectional or other direction Yagi type antennas will be required. 

Moreover, we highly recommend to consider how you can secure your network against adjacent/neighbour high power transmitters, by filtering properly, and the other way around, so your network won’t harm other adjacent radio systems.

Below is a overview of out LTE450 products





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Published by Oskar Dario Olrik Benkjer
8th September 2022