Amphenol Procom develops products for the African market

Amphenol Procom develops products for the African market.

We have long traditions developing and manufacturing products for our partners who need customized products for applications around the world.
On request from Danimex Communication A/S, one of our partners, we developed a light weight 2-stacked and 4-stacked VHF Dipole Array for projects in Africa for PMR/Trunked radio application. Other features were wide band and compact packing for ease of transportation.

Moreover, we had to adapt the products to the environment. Therefore, the products were made to be easily installed even where it could be difficult to work with a crane.

The result was reliable radio coverage with the S.M2E-160 and S.M4E-160.

You can view our S.M2E-160 Dipole Array here: S.M2E-160


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Published by Oskar Dario Olrik Benkjer
7th August 2020