Amphenol Procom supports German ADAC GT Masters Car Race

Amphenol Procom Supports German ADAC GT Masters Car Race

The radio communication company RACECOM provides the German GT Masters Car Race Teams with communication equipment, and this year our Germany Amphenol Procom team (PROCOM Deutschland) assisted RACECOM with hands-on support directly at the EuroSpeedway Lausitz race.

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More than 20 Teams needed new frequencies for their race communication and our Amphenol Procom team supported RACECOM in modified and tuning all duplexers for the repeaters to achieve a reliable communication.

The repeaters are provided with Amphenol Procoms MPX Mini Duplexers and CXL Omnidirectional Antennas, and the cars are equipped with our GlassFix GF 401 Antennas (Audi R8 Safety car) as well as with our fixed Mounted Mobile Antennas MH 1-CXR.

You can view all the used products at our website:

MPX 2/6

Base Station Antennas:
CXL 2-1LW/...

GlassFix Antenna:
GF 401/... - Mounted on Audi R8 Safety car

Fixed Mobile Antenna:
CX Mount - Mounted on Hyundai I30

Published by Oskar Dario Olrik Benkjer
21st September 2020