Amphenol Procoms PRO-HDAR Compact Combiners

Offshore as well as maritime operations all needs reliable radio equipment to secure safety, productivity, and efficiency. Quality RF connectivity is necessary for electricity and gas companies as well as in the transportation market like airports, rail ways or trucks. Furthermore, industries as oil rigs, container & cruise ships all benefit of reliable long-term RF communication.

A common issue is the size of the equipment which tend to fill up a huge amount of rack space units. Amphenol Procom have downsized our hybrid combiners, to save rack space for our customers.

Our engineers have developed PRO-HDAR an ultra-compact Tx/Rx Hybrid Combiner. Our PRO-HDAR don’t compromise with any electrical specification and require just a minimal space of 2 units in a 19” rack, which makes it suitable in narrow control rooms.

With the option of 2-4 channels in the VHF and UHF frequency range, the combiner system makes the PRO-HDAR series flexible to fit the needs for RF application, as Public Safety- or Private Mobile radio systems onshore and offshore.


View our PRO-HDAR here: PRO-HDAR RF Combiners


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Published by Oskar Dario Olrik Benkjer
4th January 2021