Antennas for LTE450

Looking for Antennas for your LTE450 network?

Amphenol Procom has an extensive selection of LTE450 Antennas Antennas that will cover your entire RF ecosystem needs. LTE450 has many positive attributes, and one is the 450 MHz band’s ability to propagate a large geographical area with only a few base stations.

LTE b antennas

Private Networks come with their own complexity where a mixture of Panel, Omnidirectional or other direction Yagi type antennas will be required.
No matter the complexity of the radio plan for the site, we have what you are looking for:

  • Single band LTE450 and LTE700/800 panel antennas for Infrastructure.

  • Omnidirectional colinear and dipole antennas for Infrastructure and Sub stations.

  • Yagi’s and stacked dipoles.

As traditional UHF markets transition to Private LTE (4G or 5G) this valuable spectrum is being transformed to LTE450 with more than 30 countries rolling out this new network, or in consultation to do so.
View our collection of LTE450 compatible antennas

We are members the 450 MHz Alliance which you can learn more about here: 
450 MHz Alliance


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Published by Oskar Dario Olrik Benkjer
2nd June 2022