"Best in test" CXL 2-1/... Marine Antenna

TThe magazines "Yacht" and "Boote", Germany, has both announced Amphenol Procom's CXL-2-1/... as best in test winner for Maritime applications.
The CXL 2-1/L has proven highly versatile for varies kinds of ships - both for pleasure and professional operations. Therefore pleasure boats, big vessels and Search and Rescue (SAR) boats trust the reliability of this antenna.

Captains depend on the performance of this high class model.
Watch the video for more information.


View the antenna here: CXL 2/1... Base Station and VHF Marine Antenna

Our award has led to one of our Marine Radio Dealers, Busse Yachtshop, has made a short video where they show and talk about our CXL-2-1/...

Notice the video is in german: Procom CXL 2-1 Seefunkantenne und Halter von Busse Yachtshop


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Published by Oskar Dario Olrik Benkjer
22nd January 2021