New Aviation Product Line Brochure

Get a complete overview of the product lines that Amphenol Procom can offer for Mission and Business Critical networks within Aviation.

A modern safe airport is faced with many challenges to offer a wide range of wireless communication needs. Airside, Air traffic control (ATC) must be securely handled as well as live up to international standards. Also, communication for caters, mechanics and luggage handling as well as perimeter security is a necessity for smooth and safe airport operation.

Terminal communication includes all communication within the terminal between airline employees, the passenger flow
process, and communication between security and first responders.

In our Aviation brochure you can see how Amphenol Procom can support reliable wireless communication within Airport & Aviation to secure the safety of all personnel and passengers as well as to enable seamless airport operations.


pdfAmphenol Procom Aviation Brochure


If you have any questions please contact:

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Global Product Manager
Amphenol Procom
Mob +44 (0) 7718 525 603
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Published by Karin Skovgaard
28th January 2019