ProFin Plus Antenna for Mission Critical Radio Networks

ProFin Plus Antenna for for Mission Critical Radio Networks 
Amphenol Procom is leading the way with communication and connectivity in mobil applications with the launch of the ProFin Plus.

Mission Critical Networks require connected vehicles to be highly reliable wireless connections, which can support ultra-fast access to voice, mapping or streaming video as part of a highly intelligent communication system.

Multiple antennas in close proximity will interfere with one another, resulting in an overall reduction of system performance. The ProFin Plus eliminates the risk of interference by ensuring outstanding isolation between the embedded antennas.


Multi- Band – coverage for L-Band, BAS, S-Band, GPS, GNSS Lower and Upper C Band all supported by 2x2 MIMO.
ProFin Plus is truly a state-of-the-art device for vehicles connected to Public Safety or Mission Critical Networks.

If you want to learn more, click on the following link: ProFin and ProFin Plus


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Published by Oskar Dario Olrik Benkjer
14th October 2020