Future proof 5G MIMO Fin antenna for mobile applications

Amphenol Procom is leading the way with communication and connectivity in mobile applications with the launch of the ProFinPlus.

Public Safety and Mission Critical networks are migrating to LTE, like FirstNet and ESN, connected vehicles need highly reliable wireless broadband connections which can support ultra-fast access to databases, voice, mapping or streaming video as part of a highly intelligent communication system.

At the very heart of this convergence is the antenna, it’s the point at which data and voice is either received or transmitted. Multiple antennas in close proximity will interfere with one another, resulting in an overall reduction of system performance. The ProFinPlus eliminates the risk of interference by ensuring outstanding isolation between the embedded antennas. Furthermore, the ProFinPlus helps to reduce the cost of antenna installations by having several antenna features in one small form factor.

The ProFinPlus is indeed feature rich: Multi-Band – LTE coverage spanning 26 LTE frequencies bands. One product for a global LTE market with endless connectivity options, all supported by 2X2 MIMO. Close attention was made to the design of the LTE element, ensuring the best correlation coefficients to enhance data speeds in market.

Low band and high band Wi-Fi both 2X2 MIMO. Precision Geo-location is provided with GNSS and GPS.

The ProFinPlus is future proofed in the global market as 5G networks roll out. With 2x2 MIMO offered for 5G, up to 3.8GHz, and 5G at 600MHz, this antenna can easily manage in countries where 5G is already being implemented, like telco T-Mobile in the USA. As the router manufactures start to release their latest 5G product, you will only ever need to swap out the router, not the antenna, as it already covers these 5G networks.

A wide range of accessories are also available. Options include the ability to add a separate whip antenna for VHF, UHF or DAB and a neat and tidy trunked cable extension system.

ProFinPlus is truly a state-of-the-art device for connectivity and communication for connected vehicles, future proof, feature rich and best in class.


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Published by Karin Skovgaard
17th June 2019