RF Filters for LTE450

Is your LTE450 network protected against high power transmitter interference?

LTE450 contain a favorable band spectrum for numerous of reasons and the application potential is huge.

This is because of its excellent capacity and connectivity abilities, which makes the spectrum beneficial for both upgrading and creating long range communication infrastructure for the entire RF ecosystem.

LTE filters

Building your LTE network

When building your LTE network, we highly recommend to consider how you can secure your network against adjacent/neighbour high power transmitters, by filtering properly, and the other way around, so your network won’t harm other adjacent radio systems.

We have a large portfolio of RF Filters suitable for your LTE450 network.

This is a selection of LTE450 relevant Band Pass Filters

This is a selection of LTE450 relevant Duplex Filters


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Published by Oskar Dario Olrik Benkjer
12th May 2022