Base Station Antennas

Amphenol Procom delivers state-of-the-art Base Station Antenna products for both RF and mechanical constructions. Our innovative approach to product development offers the highest quality and our thorough testing protocol guarantees our Base station antennas are the most reliable on the market. We test all of our products performance against dust, water, wind load, temperature and lightning, and many more areas.

Amphenol Procoms collection of Base station antennas includes Omni Antennas, Panel Antennas, Yagi Antennas, Dipole Antennas, Dipole Arrays, Ground Plane Antennas, Long Periodic Antennas, GPS Antennas and HF Antennas.
, we have various components and accessories like, Coaxial Cable Splitters, Brackets, Safety wire kits and Wide-Band SWR Analyzer.

Our Base station antennas are deployed in a comprehensive range of networks such as Public Safety, Mission Critical Communication, LTE and IoT networks. Furthermore, Amphenol Procom Base station antennas are feature rich for instance, low PIM, PIP rated, resilient to high windspeeds, lightning strikes and for the hazardous environments ATEX rated. Lightweight and low wind load reduce the static strength demands, which are required for the antenna mast. The sturdy materials give optimum function for years, even under extreme climatic conditions.

The antennas are of solid construction and they use high-quality materials. Our extensive QA-system ensures the high quality of both electrical specifications as well as mechanical parameters.

If you cannot find the exact product or solution which meets the demand of your specific situation, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can talk about a solution.

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