LTE 4G/5G Antennas4240.09-875-Tx

9 dBd HD LTE omni antenna 790-960MHz, low PIM


The 4240 Series colinear antennas are designed for LTE/GSM applications where a durable and high performance antenna is required. The centre fed dipole design and feed network gives a stable radiation pattern across a wide bandwidth, and allows tilted beam designs to be effectively employed without large pattern distortions. High quality materials and manufacturing techniques are employed to ensure that the antenna has excellent intermodulation performance & wide bandwidth characteristics for multi-channel trunked radio communication systems. The antenna has been designed to withstand lightning strike.


Frequency 790 - 960 MHz
Max. Input Power 400 W
Omni Deviation < ± 1 dB
Polarisation Vertical
Peak Instantaneous Power (PIP) 25 kW
3 dB Beamwidth, E-Plane 8° ±1°
3 dB Beamwidth, H-Plane Omnidirectional
Impedance 50 Ω
Gain 9 dBd (11.2 dBi)
VSWR < 1.5:1
Passive Intermodulation -153dBc (3rd Order, 2 x Tx @ 43dBm)
Lightning Protection Lightning current handling capability: 200 kA According to EN 62305-1 (Test pulse 10/350 μs)
Antistatic Protection All metal parts DC-grounded (Connector shows a DC-short)
Connection(s) 7/16 DIN(f)
Materials Antenna Base: Aluminium
Shroud: GRP tube 53mm dia.
Mounting Section Al. tube 63.5 mm dia. x 350 mm long
Dimensions 2483 (l) x 53 (dia.) mm
Wind Load 224 N (160km/h)
Weight 9 kg / 19.84 lb
Mounting Bracket 2141.01.00.00 (up to ø120mm)
(Ordered Separately)
ETC-250 (ø50 to ø76mm)
(Ordered Separately)
Survival Wind Speed 300 km/h
Ingress Protection IP56

Diagram and Mounting


E-Plane | 875 MHz E-Plane | 875 MHz


H-Plane | 875 MHz H-Plane | 875 MHz

Ordering Designations

Model Product No. Description Frequency
9 dBd HD LTE omni antenna 790-960MHz, low PIM 4240.09-875-T0 0° Electrical Tilt 790 - 960 MHz
9 dBd HD LTE omni antenna 790-960MHz, low PIM 4240.09-875-T3 3° Electrical Tilt 790 - 960 MHz
9 dBd HD LTE omni antenna 790-960MHz, low PIM 4240.09-875-T6 6° Electrical Tilt 790 - 960 MHz
Galvanised steel parallel bracket 38-120mm (PAIR) 2141.01.00.00
Extruded Parallel Tube Clamp, 50 - 76mm ETC-250