Omni AntennasCXL 23-7C/...

7 dBd Omnidirecctional Base Station Antenna for the 23 cm Amateur Band


  • The CXL 23-7C/… is a 7 dBd, vertically polarized, omnidirectional base station antenna, which covers 1240 – 1340 MHz in three models.
  • The antenna is provided with the type “C” universal fixing bracket. The epoxy coated cast aluminium bracket and accompanying stainless steel “U” bolts are suitable for the most severe marine environment.
  • The CXL 23-7C/… is suitable for 27 – 65 mm dia. mast tubes. The coaxial feeder cable can be routed either internally or externally to the support tube.
  • The antenna has excellent VSWR and gain characteristics and is highly suitable for repeater operation.
  • The radiating element of the antenna is housed in a sealed high quality tapered glass fibre tube providing low wind loading and excellent all weather performance.
  • The antenna is DC grounded for static discharge protection.
  • The CXL 23-7C/… is a vibration-proof, slim-line, corrosion resistant, modern style base station antenna.


Model CXL 23-7C/...
Frequency Covering : 1240 - 1340 MHz
Antenna Type Collinear, broad-band
Max. Input Power 100 W
Polarisation Vertical
3 dB Beamwidth, E-Plane 11 °
3 dB Beamwidth, H-Plane Omnidirectional
Impedance 50 Ω
Gain 7 dBd (9.2 dBi)
VSWR ≤ 1.5 for CXL 23-7C/l
≤ 1.75 for CXL 23-7C/h
≤ 1.75 for CXL 23-7C/hh
Bandwidth 30 MHz for CXL 23-7C/l
40 MHz for CXL 23-7C/h
40 MHz for CXL 23-7C/hh
Antistatic Protection All metal parts DC-grounded (Connector shows a DC-short)
HCM Code(s) HCM000ND00, 007DE60
Connection(s) N(f)
Materials Radome : Polyurethane-coated glass fibre
Mounting bracket : Seawater resistant aluminium, epoxy-coated
Colour White (RAL 9003)
Wind Area 0.03 sq. m / 0.32 sq. ft
Wind Load 38 N (160 km/h)
Height Approx. 1500 mm / 59.06 in.
Weight Approx. 1.0 kg / 2.20 lb.
Mounting On 27 - 65 mm dia. mast tube

Diagram and Mounting

Typical radiation pattern (E-PLANE)

Typical radiation pattern (H-PLANE)

Multi-Purpose Mounting Bracket

Ordering Designations

Model Product No. Frequency
CXL 23-7C/l 100000173 1240 - 1270 MHz
CXL 23-7C/h 100000174 1260 - 1300 MHz
CXL 23-7C/hh 100000282 1300 - 1340 MHz

Typical Gain and VSWR curve

CXL 23-7C/L

CXL 23 7C l swrkur GB

CXL 23-7C/H

CXL 23 7C h swrkur GB

CXL 23-7C/HH

CXL 23 7C hh swrkur GB