Amphenol Procom has a comprehensive collection of RF Cables and Cable Components, which include Corrugated Cables, Braided Cables, and Cable Connectors. As wireless communication technology has rapidly advanced, it is natural that customers require products with much better quality and reliability. 
All products in our RF Cable assortment are engineered and manufactured to meet the highest quality demands to guarantee a high performance, easy installation, and full compatibility.

Our extensive product offering includes Coaxial Cable Splitters in 2-4 way, a wide variety of Super Flexible, and Corrugated Copper Cables Braided Cables both Flexible and Low Loss and a large choice of suitable Cable Connectors. In addition, we have different Cable Components and accessories like Grounding Kits, several Coaxial Loads or Terminations, Car Radio Cables (CRC), Attenuators, LGP’s, DC-Blocks, and SWR Analyzers.

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