The Amphenol Procom Combiner systems secure a safe combining of multiple Tx channels and splitting of multiple Rx channels transmitted to and received from a base station antenna. Amphenol Procom’s Combiner selection includes Compact Combiners, Cavity Combiners, Hybrid Combiners, Receiver Multicouplers, Power Splitters and Dividers, Couplers, Low Noise Amplifiers, Power Monitors and various Combiner Components.

The increasing need to optimize the space of every antenna mast, leads to multiple Tx/Rx RF channels system needing to be combined, and filtered in the base station technique rooms, leading to just one antenna. All Amphenol Procom Combiner products are designed by experienced engineers, and used in the HF, VHF and UHF Radio Frequency (RF) range

The Amphenol Procom Combiner products are, due to their high reliability and quality, widely used in radio systems for Public Safety and Mission Critical sector as the Fire Brigade, the Police Force and the Emergency- and Ambulance Service. The broad variation of Amphenol Procom Combiners are also widely used in the Aviation- (ATC: Airport traffic control), the Marine- Telecom- (Mobile/Cellular networks) markets, and also in very Hazardous Environments as seen in the Military and defense segment, at wind turbine farms and on oilrigs at the sea.

Our Combiner products are sturdy and use high-quality materials in connection with an extensive QA-system to ensure the high quality of both electrical specifications, as well as mechanical parameters. The Combiners come in different designs which are suitable for various radio applications as e.g. TETRA, DMR, PMR, P25 and First Net. Besides that, our Combiners have the smallest and most compact design on the market and are suitable for both stationary and mobile use. 

For multichannel high power 100-300 W per Tx channel radio systems we recommend our Cavity Combiners for transmitting (Tx) the radio channels and Receiver Multicouplers for the receiving (Rx) part. For radio systems with a power level of 50-100 W, please look for our Tx Hybrid Combiners or our all in one Compact Tx and Rx Hybrid Combiners.

 Amphenol Procom has a long tradition of working closely together with our customers on custom-made Hybrid Combiners or Cavity Combiners for specific projects. In the product finder below, you will be able to sort your Combiner search by product type, frequency, Tx-Tx Spacing and Isolation, Insertion Loss, max. Input Power, Connection(s) and number of channels.

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