The Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) function is to enhance the performance of a wireless network coverage of a specific area. DAS is a network of antennas which are all connected to the same source. The DAS solution is more efficient than having a large single antenna to cover an area and that’s why it is highly suited for in-buildings service and a restricted outdoor area. Amphenol Procom offers a wide range of both indoor antennas and passive devices, especially for Public Safety applications.

Our Distributed Antenna System product portfolio, you can find DAS AntennasPower Splitters and DividersPower TappersDirectional CouplersActive Repeaters and various DAS Components and accessories like Coaxial loads and DC-blocks.

Distributed Antenna Systems have become a popular solution for meeting the growing demands for improved wireless network performance. A network of strategically placed antennas in a limited area can provide a complete voice and data service without interference from antennas outside of the DAS. DAS solutions are regularly used in LTE networks, airports and aviation segments, Public Safety, Emergency Services and Mission Critical segments such as Police Forces and Fire Brigades but also in the Cellular and Telecom segment. Furthermore, Distributed Antenna Systems are beneficial at subways, tunnels, hospitals, malls, and large businesses.

Modern buildings materials can interfere with the network coverage, and these shall be considered in the network planning stage and requires quality products. In this regard, Amphenol Procom provides high class performing products, low PIM wideband UHF, LTE and 5G. We also provide antennas that are as discrete and unobtrusive as possible.

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