RF Filters

Amphenol Procom has 40 years of experience in developing and producing high quality RF Low- and high-power Filters for professional radio systems, widely used in the Public Safety and Mission Critical radio TETRA networks in Europe. The comprehensive portfolio of Filter products from Amphenol Procom are designed by experienced engineers, and highly used in the HF-, VHF- and UHF radio frequency range. 

Amphenol Procom product collection includes  Filters named after their functionality: 
Duplex-, Diplex-, Triplex-, Band Pass-,Band Reject-, Pass/Reject-, Low Pass-, and High Pass Filters.

The overall mission for the Radio Frequency (RF) Filters is to secure that the transmitting (Tx) channels and noise interference from a radio transmitter will not interfere and desensitize the receiving (Rx) part of the radio system. Furthermore, there is an increasing need to optimize the available space of every antenna mast, which leads to multiple Tx/Rx RF channels systems that must be combined/filtered into a single antenna. This single antenna is capable of covering both the Tx and the Rx frequencies of the concerned radio system. This final filtering of Tx and Rx channels into one Tx/Rx antenna is often fulfilled in a Duplex Filter placed in the radio equipment technique room. 

Beside the mentioned Public Safety and Mission Critical market e.g. the Fire Brigade, the Police Force and the Emergency- and Ambulance Service, the Amphenol Procom Filters are also used in the Aviation (ATC: Airport traffic control) market, the Transportation (Vehicles), Marine- Telecom- (Mobile/Cellular and IoT networks) markets. The Filters are also employed in very Hazardous Environments such as the Military or Defense market, at wind turbine farms, or on oilrigs at the sea.

Our Filters combine an extensive and reliable QA-system (Amphenol Procom is ISO 9001 certified) with high-quality materials, which guarantee excellent performances of both mechanical parameters and electrical specifications. The Filters come in many different designs suitable for various VHF- & UHF radio applications as e.g. TETRA, DMR, PMR, P25 and First Net.

The RF Filters are designed in many different shapes and sizes, depending upon, for instance, how much Tx power the Filter will be loaded with, or if it is used just on the Rx low power side. If the Tx power is > 150 W, we often recommend looking into our heavy-duty Cavity Filters, which can withstand very high continuous power. For radio systems with a TX power level from 25-150 W, we will recommend our huge range of middle to small size Filters and for filters < 25 W, often for receiving (Rx), then we recommend our miniature small sized RX Filters, also called pre-selectors.

You will be able to search in the product finder by, product type, frequency, duplex spacing, Insertion Loss, max. Input Power, Connection(s), reject attenuation and weight.

When you select a Filter category and a choose a specific product you will be able to view the specifications for the filter products, a diagram of a typical response curves, mounting details, and installation notes. In some cases, it is also possible to view an illustration of the mechanical outline.

The standard Filters are available as ready-made components, but Amphenol Procom has a long tradition of working closely together with our customers. Therefore, it is possible to get filters custom-designed according to your exact specifications.

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