High Pass FiltersHP 380-FME

High-Pass Filter for 380 - 1000 MHz


  • HP 380-FME is an LC High-Pass filter.
  • Allows the whole 380 – 1000 MHz to pass.
  • Can be used, together with LP 174-FME, to prevent possible interference between VHF and UHF radio systems, e.g. VHF LMR and TETRA.
  • Can be used as a preselector to protect a receiver against interferences from transmitters normally being outside the pass range.
  • HP 380-FME can be mounted as a preselector directly inside the PRO-AR4G-N, PRO-AR8G-N and the PRO-AR16G-N receiver multicouplers.
  • Very small dimensions, mounted in a 45 x 50 mm box.
  • FME connectors for easy and handy coupling to the surroundings.
  • HP 380-FME is lacquered with black vinyl enamel to avoid corrosion.


Model HP 380-FME
Frequency 380 - 1000 MHz
Max. Input Power 35 W
Pass Range 380 - 1000 MHz
Impedance 50 Ω
VSWR < 1.5:1
Connection(s) FME male (others on request)
Dimensions 50 x 21 x 48 mm / 1.97 x 0.83 x 1.89 inches
Weight 0.06 kg / 0.13 lb
Operating temperature range -30°C to +60°C

Diagram and Mounting


Ordering Designations

Model Product No.
HP 380-FME 200002183