Mobile Antennas

Amphenol Procom offer a wide range of products for Mobile communication applications. Amphenol Procom's Mobile Antennas are designed by experienced engineers with a focus on the professional user. In our collection you will be able to find Whip Antennas, Mobile Mounts, GPS Combination Antennas, Low Profile/Covert, Motorcycle Antennas, Danmike, and other Mobile Antenna Components.

Amphenol Procom's standard Mobile Antennas lie within the professional frequency bands and our variants cover most needs for permanent installations (roof, screen or GlassFix®) or Mobile Antennas for temporary fixing.

Mobile Antennas benefit a great number of applications with special features like MiMo in combination antennas, and we offer an expansive range of frequencies covering LTE, WiFi, GNSS, GPS, UMTS, TETRA, and all the “Gs” from 2-5G.

Our Mobile Antennas product offering includes Shark Fin antennas, Dual-frequency antennas, GlassFix antennas, ¼λ antenna, Shock Spring antennas, Helical antennas, and Unity Gain antennas.

Our Mobile Antennas have a frequency band coverage up to 6000 MHz and a maximum input between 5-250 W. The antennas have a standard gain coverage as low as -15dB and up to 6 dB and fits in a variety of connection options. Furthermore, we have Mobile Antennas for numerous mount types including: Glass mount, hole mount, magnetic mount and window mount.

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