Portable Antennas

Amphenol Procom has a broad collection of Portable Antennas which includes a comprehensive assortment of Handportable Antennas and Body-Worn Antennas. Our collection of Portable Antennas contains a series of FME- Connectors with adaptors available to suit the radio connector. Our pioneering approach in the development of Portable Antennas offers the highest quality and performance, which guarantees that our Portable Antennas are the most reliable on the market.

Compared to other Portable Antennas, ours are the smallest and lightest. They cover a wide range of frequency bands which makes them ideal for any requirements

Some Portable Antenna models need to be tuned for the highest performance, and some can be custom tuned to your specific frequency demands. Portable Antennas by Amphenol Procom come in a great variety of shapes and sizes and can be fastened directly to a radio which removing the need for mounting it.

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