Handportable AntennasEFD 70/...-FME

End-Fed ½ λ Dipole Antenna with Universal FMEConnection System for Portable Equipment in the 70 cm Band


  • Sturdy, conical, flexible rubber antenna.
  • Full-size, end-fed ½ λ antenna whip.
  • High gain and efficient decoupling from the portable equipment.
  • 3 dB gain (typ.) compared to a ¼ λ antenna whip on the same equipment.
  • Highest quality materials – designed for “wear and tear”.
  • Delivered factory tuned and tested to ensure minimum VSWR and optimum
  • Provided with universal FME-connection system for optimum flexibility and easily exchangeable connectors.
  • Designed for use with the following of Procoms line of black
    FME-connectors (to be ordered separately): BFME-UHF, BFME-BNC,


Model EFD 70/...-FME
Frequency 70 cm band (380 - 470 MHz)
Antenna Type Antenna for portable equipment
Max. Input Power 25 W
Polarisation Vertical
Impedance 50 Ω
Gain 0 dBd / 2.15 dBi 3 dB (compared to a ¼ λ portable antenna)
VSWR < 1.3:1 @ fc
Bandwidth ≥ 30 MHz @ VSWR ≤ 2.5
Connection(s) FME(f) (Exchangeable BFME-connectors to be ordered separately)
Materials Steelwire moulded in thermoplastic rubber
Black-chromed brass
Colour Black
Height Approx. 310 mm / 12.20 in.
Weight Approx. 0.06 kg / 0.13 lb.

Ordering Designations

Model Product No. Frequency
EFD 70/385-FME(f) 140000753 370 - 400 MHz
EFD 70/405-FME(f) 140000754 390 - 420 MHz
EFD 70/425-FME(f) 140000755 410 - 440 MHz
EFD 70/445-FME(f) 140000756 430 - 460 MHz
EFD 70/465-FME(f) 140000757 450 - 480 MHz
EFD 70/...-FME/GND 140000490

Please Note

The EFD 70/...-FME is also available in an antistatic protected version.the parts of the EFD 70/...-FME/GND (see ordering designations) are DC-grounded and the connector shows a DC-short.The mechanical length is approx. 50 mm longer in this case.

Recommended BFME-Connectors

BFME uhf bnc tnc n ebnc etnc

(To be ordered separately)

Typical VSWR curve

EFD 70 FME Vswr