25 years of PMR service and the antennas still perform flawlessly

25 years of PMR service and the antennas still perform flawlessly

Long-lasting RF reliability is a reality with products from Amphenol Procom – a good example is our CXL antennas, used in a PMR network for taxies in Novi Sad, Serbia.

For many years, our distributor Panos Inženjering have been supporting local PMR networks for taxi’s with antennas - many of these antennas, 25 years after their installment, are still in use.

Specifically, they are using our CXL Base Station Antenna for communication between the taxi office and taxies, which are equipped with Amphenol Procoms MM mobile antenna range. Even some of the mobile antennas are also operational today. The only impact of all these years in use, is a slightly colour change from white to light grey - but they still work impeccably!

The end-user is highly appreciating the possibility to change cable without service, since the antenna mount is connectorized. Cars are necessarily replaced, antennas are not.

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View our: Mobile Antenna range


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Published by Oskar Dario Olrik Benkjer
11th December 2020